A fog computing AI-driven decentralized CDN with blockchain-based payment system

Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm + access to 147 datacenters worldwide
One of the most known IPTV/OTT platform providers which operates its business in 62 countries around the globe
TV&Telecom Operator from Kyrgyzstan
TV&Telecom Operator from Thailand

With ForgeCDN

Product is ready

The test worker was launched in January 2018 and since then is working without falls. You can register an account and check the work. But we can not show the code on GitHub.

Become our beta tester and get some tokens. Start is in July 2018. Read details in the bounty campaign.


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Why Market Needs ForgeCDN
The Internet traffic growths by 24% every year and the hardware infrastructure have to comply. However, the development of content delivery networks lags far behind from the increasing traffic, as vast investments needed.
Lack of infrastructure
for a
growing traffic
More importantly, most traditional content delivery nodes are located in North America and Europe, which makes traffic delivery to/from such regions as Latin, South America, Africa, and Asia 3-10 times more expensive comparing to other regions.
Expensive content delivery to remote regions
The CDN market size is expected to grow from USD 7.47 Billion in 2017 to USD 30.89 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 32.8% during the forecast period.

Market drivers: mobile Internet, streaming services, video broadcasting in social networks, virtual and augmented reality in games, video in 4K and above.
The market volume is growing
Exabytes per month, CISCO global traffic forecast
A Decentralized Content Delivery Network Based on Local Delivery Hubs
A decentralized content delivery network driven by fog computing and AI, whose participants make settlements in the cryptocurrency and transactions get recorded in blockchain.

ForgeCDN (forge content delivery network) is a technology that allows owners of highly loaded Internet resources (such as video streaming services, e-commerce websites, social networks, messengers, ad injectors, and others) to unload their servers and significantly increase the speed of data access for much less cost compared to traditional CDNs.
Comparison with the Classic CDN
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Why Us
Significantly cheaper costs

In order to run ForgeCDN we don't have to build and maintain a huge network of powerful high-priced servers, as well as to keep large team of costly system administrators. This makes our prices very competitive.
Coverage of distant regions

Nodes of the system (PCs and laptops of forgeminers) are located everywhere and its number can reach dozens of thousands of units. Our core system treats the nodes as homogeneous environment and transfers content from central Internet backbones to distant regions instantly.
Balancing and fault tolerance

The system's core constantly monitors the connected workers and if one goes off, redistributes the load among the rest. In case one hub fails, all workers and end users get redirected to the nearest hub. This makes DDoS attacks impossible.

The number of the networkworkers is unlimited, therefore potential volume of cache in ForgeCDN is also unlimited (unlike the classic CDNs). This positively affects the speed of content delivery.
Performance of the nodes

The most demanded content is placed into RAM, while less demanded is stored on hard drive - this increases the speed of content delivery and reduce depreciation of hardware of forgeminers. At the same time ForgeCDN software is optimized not to overload forgeminer's CPU and allows to use the computer for other tasks.
AI — Artificial Intelligence

The system's core is constantly learning to implements the most efficient solutions for content distribution between the nodes and hubs basing on 36 parameters: location, channel bandwidth, volume of data cached in RAM, CPU load, content size, and others.

All content cached in ForgeCDN network is encrypted with symmetrical algorithm AES-128, protecting clients from unauthorized access and illegal content.
Blockchain and smart contracts

Mutual settlements between clients, forgeminers and our support team are carried out through smart-contract and FORGE crypto currency. This allows to protects all participants from possible unscrupulous and fraudulent actions.
How Does it Work
Network members and forgeminers install special software called Worker that allows them to get connected to regional hub of the system's core. When end user sends a query to client's website, the request is redirected to the most suitable forgeminer. The end user instantly receives the data, while this data get cached in transitional nodes. Thus the content spreads over the ForgeCDN network while speed of access increases. The algorithm of machine learning records the results of each delivery and uses this data to optimize the next operations, as well as to calculate the reward.
Price for a client
For 1 GB of traffic. Price for all countries and regions.
Reward for a Forgeminer
For 1 GB transferred traffic.
The product will pass the alpha testing phase and be ready for open beta testing with a group of interested users by the time of preICO fund-raising stage.

The team plans to do the firts release by the end of the first quarter of 2018 with the full launch of the network with accumulated customers.
2017 Q1
2017 Q1
Worker development for windows. Fast http web-server multithreading.
Worker development for windows. The manager of operating memory.
Worker development for windows. Disk storage manager.
Worker development for windows. Content Cryptography Module.
Worker development for windows. API module for interaction with the core.
Worker development for windows. The module for obtaining data from the origin.
Worker development for windows. Statistics and reports module.
Core of the system development (core). API for working with the worker.
Core of the system development (core). Module for working with end users, which makes a decision and redirects to the workers.
2017 Q2
2017 Q2
Core of the system development (core). The neural network module for data processing and retraining.
Deployment of distributed cloud infrastructure on different continents. Deployment of the system with geographic and load redundancy.
Core of the system development (core). Alpha testing.
Personal cabinet development. User and role module.
Personal cabinet development. Module for registration and authorization of the account.
2017 Q3
2017 Q3
Porting the worker under Linux (ubuntu).
Personal cabinet development. The client's PC.
Personal cabinet development. The participant's PC.
2017 Q4
2017 Q4
Personal cabinet development. Billing.
Personal cabinet development. The system of statistics.
Personal cabinet development. API for interaction with the core.
Writing the Ethereum contract.
Review of the Ethereum contract.
2018 Q1
2018 Q1
Alpha testing of the whole system.
ICO preparation.
Work with funds and partners.
2018 Q2
2018 Q2
Issuing tokens based on the Ethereum platform.
Open beta testing of the system.
2018 Q3
2018 Q3
Realization of clever fence of cached content from worker to worker.
DNS server development for automatic issuing domain names to workers instead of working on IP addresses.
Token authorization for content protection.
The ability to specify your own domain name for the client instead of receiving a level 3 name in the zone
The ability to work on HTTPS (the client will be able to download its SSL keys).
Optimizing the system for delivering streaming video content.
The ability to insert targeted ads into the delivered video streams.
2018 Q4
2018 Q4
Integration with the top-10 CMS and e-Commerce platforms for instant CDN connection without having to go into the settings.
ForgeCDN was proposed by founders of Telebreeze Corporation — an International IPTV/OTT technical platform provider with clients in 62 countries.
Founder, CEO
Head of internet banking and mobile banking for corporates at CFT.
Former CEO at USERSTORY – one of the top digital agencies in Russia.
Co-Founder, Business and Technical Adviser
CEO & Founder at Telebreeze Corporation – one of the most known IPTV/OTT platform providers which operates its business in 61 countries around the globe.
Marketing specialist
Product Designer
Backend Web developer
QA/QC, Smart-contract developer
Investor Relations
Frontend Web developer
PR and Marketing Analyst
Market research Adviser
PhD, Consumer Insight & Data Analysis Professional,
Business Adviser
PhD, COO at Telebreeze Corporation
Marketing Adviser
Founder of GOROD.IT — one of major tech events in Russia. Co-Founder & CEO at Lab365
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Developers: PHP, Yii2, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, C++, Unix, Boost, HTTP, TCP/IP, Live Streaming, Machine Learning
Marketing and sales
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