Buy FORGE tokens
Wallet for ETH transaction
1 ETH = 1500 FORGE
1 ETH = 2000 FORGE — special conditions for those who are willing to give us a large amount of ETH. Contact us via form or email:
Wallet for BTC, LTC, BCH transaction
1 BTC = 27450 FORGE, wallet 17cLXbMCgAmNWGV5J3XuPEZMDBNJLQEqLr
1 LTC = 450 FORGE, wallet LhiUwfLnCuPjaxF4p5HWqyKZaL1C6bKzod
1 BCH = 2550 FORGE, wallet 1G7A9ZtWfs19zGqNTWQYAZsmB8C9H5pwPr

In order to get tokens for BTC, LTC, or BCH, please send us a message at with the coin type, amount transferred, and address of your ETH-wallet, where FORGE tokens should be sent to. To make it faster for us to send you the tokens, please, transfer some fractional amount, e.g. 1.004435 BTC.
Emission contract address
To make FORGE tokens visible in your ethereum wallet you need to add our token according to the mechanism corresponding to your particular wallet.The following details will be needed to help you do that: our emission contract address: 0x04150b740353f068950d99acbb3ccb7a60c5cfc7, token's name: FORGE, token's precision: 18 decimal sings.
Sending you the best wishes,
ForgeCDN team
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